Welcome :)

Things Important to Me:

1. My Faith and Christianity

I love living my life for God and constantly strive to show others His unfailing love. Jesus Christ is my role model and spending time with him in prayer and meditation really helps me get through my day. He died for me so I will live for Him.

2. Family 

My family is important to me. Both my immediate family, and the family I have through church. I feel very blessed to have so many people to love and fellowship with. I am also very thankful that my family so graciously adopted Austin into our family. It’s nice to have him around when we do family activities. (I think it keeps my dad sane.)

3. Scrapbooking

This is my passion. I love it! There is just something about being able to use photos to recreate a story that makes me feel happy. Accomplished. I do have to say though…with a hobby like mine ALL craft stores are OFF LIMITS!

4. Food

I would start by saying that I like to eat, but that would be a lie. I LOVE to eat. Mexican, Italian, American, yum! I have a major sweet tooth which will probably get me into trouble someday. I also like to cook. I am not very adventurous when it comes to trying new foods but I do like to create my favorites.

5. Beach

This is my favorite place in the whole wide world. The warm sun on my face, the waves crashing against the sand, the smell of salt in the air. Ahhhh…paradise.

6. Rain

Tap tap tap.. My favorite weather is rain. Not a huge thick thunderstorm. Not little sprinkles. But a nice even flood of water spurting from the sky during a cold spring day. It’s perfect for curling up under a blanket with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. Relaxing to the max!

7. Music

I am a country girl. Carrie Underwood, T-Swizzle, Tim McGraw…you name it and I probably like at least one of their songs. I used to listen to country music every morning before school as I got ready, when I was in the car, and there was also a pretty constant stream flowing out of my bedroom. Recently though, I have been listening to KLOVE. I just recently discovered contemporary Christian music but I absolutely love it. Take KLOVE’s 30 day challenge and only listen to Christian music for 30 days. You will be surprised to see all the ways that God works in your life through that music.

8. TV

I am a TV junkie. Can’t help it. Pretty Little Liars, Make it or Break it, GLEE, Teen Mom, etc. It is to the point where I almost always have shows to catch up on and never sit down to browse channels. Which is probably a good thing when you think about it.

9. Photography and Modeling

Half way through my Junior year of High School, I was accepted to be a senior model for PGPhotography. (Check them out on Facebook). I was given the privilege of having my modeling portraits used in advertisements for this company. The photo shoots we really fun and the pictures came out stunning.

I have also been working on my own photography. I like being able to make cool affects on my pictures because it enhances scrapbook layouts. It is a work in progress.

10. Organization  

As sad as it is, I guess you could say this is my second passion. I like to be clean and organized. Everything has a place and it needs to stay there so that I will always know where it is. My favorite part of the year is going back to school and seeing all the new school supplies lined up on my floor as I organize my backpack for the first day. My favorite supply you might ask? Well thats easy! My highlighter of course, which I use daily to mark off my planner.

Some people make fun of my OCD Perfectionism…

  But I give it two thumbs up!


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