Brazilian Blowout/Senior Year

I have been waiting all summer to get my hair cut and styled for the upcoming school year. On my first day off of work, I went and Jen Yee styled it for me. I typically have wavy/curly hair that tends to get extremely frizzy under heated conditions. Jen put a straightening treatment on that reduces the frizz in my hair to an almost inexistent manner. Now all I have to do is blowdry my hair every morning and BAM! it’s striaght. Yippie! I am so loving this!

 This picture was taken on the first day of school. I have been driving to school each day which is awesome! With all of my classes finally started, my online glitches being worked out, and my assignments finally beginning to be manageable, I finally have time to feel excited about what this year entails. Homecoming, Spirit Week, FTA Field Trips, and the best part of it all, having a half day. I finally have time to hang out with friends, clean my room, do homework, maybe even work if I can find a job.

It is starting to hit me that this is the last year I have of being a kid. I’m so excited for college but for now, I am just going to slow down and enjoy the drive…


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