Scrappy Friends

This one is for my scrappy friends 🙂

For the past few months I have been using to follow the latest scrapbook trends and to interact with other people all of the world who share the same interest as me. One of my friends introduced it to me and now I am obsessed.

My favorite part so far is the scraptivities. I have participated in a few swaps with women all of the United States and have also participated in challenges and contests on the site. There are constant opportunities to win prizes and to build online relationships with other scrappers.

I have been hosting a card challenge each month that has a theme. Every participant makes one card for each woman on the list (some make them all the same and some women make each one different). Then they send them all to me and I return them all with one from each gal. It is a really need way to swap ideas and obtain a variety of cards without having to make/design all of them.

Another fun scraptivity is the tosses. Women send each other scrap leftovers from their used kits that match the monthly theme. This too is a great way to use left over supplies and get new ones without having to spend a ton of money at the store. These were from a few months ago that had a dots and stripes theme.

I also really enjoy the site forums where women ask each other for prayer requests and discuss creativity tips. I enjoy reading posts from other girls my age and even younger who love to scrapbook and share their projects. I know scrapbooking is something that I am good at and I take a lot of pride in this ability.

I encourage all my scrappy friends out there to join this site. It is free and has so many great benefits like the games and prize opportunities 🙂

and as always…Happy scrappin’


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