Valentines Date 2

Thought of the Day: “Love and you shall be loved” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daily Challenge: Have a Happy Valentines Day! 

Thank you for joining me again today for this mini series on date ideas. If you missed yesterdays post you can find it here

Today I am going to share our first dance. This picture (below) was taken December 4, 2010. My first high school dance was this night of my sophomore year. It was also Austin and my first dance together. It was so much fun getting dressed up and Austin was even nice enough to wear a purple tie to match my dress. At this point, we had only been dating for about two months and because I wasn’t old enough to “go out by myself”, we had only done things with our families or with church. I remember taking pictures and how awkward it was just holding hands in front of our families. It’s memories like this that I love to remember. 

Now I know most of you aren’t able to put on your dancin’ shoes and attend a high school dance. LOL. But I think its important that couples take time to go do something special every once in awhile. This was an awesome experience where we could forget about homework and chores and just have fun! Maybe this valentines day you can plan something special. It can be simple, elegant, whatever! Just remember that it’s important for a relationship to have fun special experiences to look forward to and remember. 

Happy Valentines Day!


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