Austin’s Spring Concert

Thought of the Day: Music expresses the words in our heart, the words that our voice alone cannot say.

 Daily Challenge: Sing 🙂 

Austin’s high school had their third choir concert for the 2011-12 school year this past week. They did a great job, and VOSAC (the advanced choir that Austin sings in) had tremendously improved since their last concert. They did AWESOME! Although the concerts are a little on the long side, they have an extensive program that puts on a really cool performance. This photo shows all of the choir students (over 200) combined singing their opening song together as a group in parts.

I also wanted to share a video but wordpress doesn’t support the file for free so unfortunately I cannot. If you are friends with me on Facebook however, I have posted it and tagged the blenders in it.

Austin was given the opportunity to sing with a small group of boys in a group called the Blenders. They do a song or two at each concert and get various gigs throughout the year. They sang an awesome Beatles medley! Here is a group photo:

Great job everyone! You did a wonderful job 🙂


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