California Bible Bowl 1

Thought of the Day: “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Daily Challenge: Believe in yourself. 

This past weekend my youth group and I drove to Lemmon Grove Christian Church to participate in the Beach Bash Bible Bowl weekend. We have been studying Genesis since December in preparation for this trip and the two previous ones that we went on. Genesis, being 50 chapters as opposed to the 25ish chapter books we usually study was actually easier for me than past years. I found it easier to retain information about stories that I grew up learning and the constant review really helped me be successful.

Anyway, I have a couple days worth of photos to share with you. We left on Friday in the early afternoon. The seven hour drive was a little long, but we made it fun by singing, studying, and sleeping.

We stopped at a rest stop to blow off some steam…

… so naturally some of our boys decided to show off.

**Disclaimer: This was in no way shape or form an approved activity and they were told to get down immediately after they climbed up. LOL

So then they decided to see who was the most manly.

Friday night when we arrived at the church, we had to wait for our host families to be ready for us. After being in the car for that long, we were all ready for a break so we tossed the football around in the parking lot and started some intense air hockey in the rec room.

Saturday morning came early for all of us. The test began right after breakfast. Bible bowl consists of four rounds of twenty-five questions. On most trips, the questions are worded directly from the bible and you have three choices to fill in the blank. In some instances you have to know exact wording (for example you might have the choices a. head b. hair and c. face). In other instances there will be three names or places. It really depends on who writes the questions. This makes it a little bit difficult to study. The test in California was pretty easy. The questions weren’t coming directly from the bible in regards to wording. Instead, it focused on comprehension. I found this really helpful and dramatically improved my scores. I’m going to make you wait for those results though 🙂

Here is a photo of each of our teams.

The Seniors

The Other Guys

Swagsters Anonymous

Join me back tomorrow for more on our Weekend Trip and the activities we enjoyed.


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