California Bible Bowl 2

Thought of the Day: “Remember, always let your conscience be your guide.”

Daily Challenge: Be honest in all that you do. 

Thanks for joining me today! If you missed yesterday’s post you can view it here.

On Saturday after the test our group was supposed to travel to the beach for some free time and then activities with the other churches before arriving back at the church for awards and entertainment. Unfortunately it rained the entire time we were in California. David, my youth minister, drove us to the beach and let us get out and play in the rain. We lasted about ten minutes and then got back in the van, shivering and soaked.

When we got back to the church our boys started a game of football outside under a covering and let me play. We also started some games of bump out and a circle of volleyball inside the church’s gym. When we got tired out from sports, we started a game of Apples to Apples.

And of course, there is ALWAYS time for some extra fun photos…

We did a great job of keeping ourselves entertained. We were all starving by dinner.

Everyone had their Mountain Dew but me so naturally it was a photo opportunity.

After dinner there was a couple entertainment groups lined up. The first was some little girls from an acting agency. They did alright but I didn’t think it was a great show for entertaining kids our age. I felt bad when the kids sitting next to us were making fun of them. Then, there was an improv group that really involved the audience. They were awesome! Haley got picked to participate, which made the show even better since we knew her.

Be sure to come back and visit tomorrow to see how our teams placed!


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