March Die-cut Swap

Thought for the Day: “Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not whats outside, but what is inside that counts.”-Aladdin

Daily Challenge: Look for the good in someone today.

Today, I want to share the die-cuts created by my scrapbooking peeps over on clubck! If you want more information on how to get involved in these swaps, comment or email me.

These are numbered in the same order of the list in the sign-up thread.

The theme this month was Friendship. 

1. This die-cut was mine. It didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned but I do like the red sparkly embossed letters. Next month, mine will be better. 

2. I love the colors in this die-cut. Gold and Dark blue are so beautiful together! I also really like the words that you chose 🙂 I apologize for the photo, the glitter was reflecting off my flash. 

3. This was one of the first die-cuts that I received and I was excited to see the bright colors and sparkly accents. I also like how she used her own handwriting and made it personal.

4. This was an AWESOME take on the friendship theme. Although you can’t really see it in the photo, the heart is really shiny. I love how it really pops against the creme paper.

5. This die-cut is so cool! I love how the “a” and “u” have smiley faces in them. I already know how I am going to use it!

6. I liked the amount of detail that was incorporated into this die-cut. The inked and stickled outline along with the patterned paper and swirl overlay make this a great journaling focal point, esp. for a summer LO. Great job! 

7. This was an adorable little bee that also has a ton of detail. I love the play on words and the heart feet. Very cute!

8. This was another fun die-cut that will be very easy to incorporate into a LO. The fresh and fun colors make it very pretty to look at and I love how the white is so clean against the green outline. 

9. I’m not sure how you made this, but I love the colors. The patterned paper is consistent through the words and stem of the flower but it looks painted or something that makes it more sheer. This is awesome! 


11. You can barely see it in this photo, but the word “friend” has a textured dot pattern all over it. The flowers also have different color jewels in the center which make them have a little extra sparkle. Great job!


13. I have found myself using more oranges and browns lately and this die-cut is definitely going on my next LO! The brown paper has a little shimmer that makes it even more fun, and the bright orange really pops!

14. Interestingly enough, I received this die cut the same day that I received #7 (the other bee die-cut from above). I really like the play on words and the gold sparkly accents. This will go perfectly on a spring LO! 

15. I love this quote and she did a beautiful job of incorporating it into her die-cut. I really like the double frame and the heart accent

16. This happens to be another one of my favorite sayings. I like how clean and crop the stamped words are against the white background. Its beautiful! 

17. I love the pink color it is so bright and fun! The little pearls on the letters and flowers really make them coordinate.I really like your matching flower embellishments. Great job!


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