LTC: Poetry

Thought for the Day: “It’s not about me”

Daily Challenge: Try a new form of self expression. Paint, sing, draw, etc. You never know, you may enjoy it.

I don’t consider myself good at poetry. They always seem to turn out elementary but since this was my last year I decided to do it anyway. (If you haven’t read my speech yet, I would suggest reading that post first.)

So anyway, on Saturday night there is a celebration where one group/participant is chosen in each event to preform or share their event submission. I have always loved to sign and I was really hoping that I would be chosen to sign during the celebration because it has always been my favorite LTC event. When I found out that I wasn’t chosen I was really upset. In fact, I had a slight melt down during the introduction to the celebration and didn’t understand why I didn’t get picked for that. I did however get selected to read my poetry. Now keep in mind that poetry is a pre-convention event meaning that it is due 2 months before the convention. I had no idea what I had written or why it was chosen. Minutes before it was my turn to go onto the stage, I was handed a copy of my submission. I began to read it and started feeling so guilty for being upset. I could see God working in my life. I had written my poem on the same topic that I had written my speech. Its not about me and my wants, but about God’s. This was an amazing experience. 

My Journey

When I was a child, church was just for fun

Although it seemed a game, my journey had begun

I got a few years older, and grew a tad bit too

I started the sixth grade, and joined the group of youth

The teens were big and scary, no one was my friend

I knew right then and there I wanted this to end

Eventually I went back and gave group another try

I found Jesus and learned, his principles which I should live by

Soon I became a leader and started to volunteer

Nursery, praise team, bible hour, yet I still had fear

I’ve never liked to try new things, I find it very scary

But God never fails to comfort me in situations that are hairy

I began to trust in promises and words of my father

On October 4, 2009 I was baptized in the water

Although I was a Christian, My heart was still unsure

However, I quickly learned that Jesus is the cure

One night after small group I sat down with some friends

Answered some hard questions, upon which my future depends

It made me think about my life, about the experiences I’ve gone through

Thinking on the drive home, is when I finally knew

The waterworks started my apology spilled out

It was that moment I realized what faith was all about

It wasn’t about planning and telling God how it should go

Believe it or not God’s plan doesn’t always go with the flow

I gathered up my planner, my highlighters too

I handed them to God; it was all that I could do

He reached down from heaven, filled my heart with a hug

He grabbed up all the fears and squished them like a bug

Although I still like to have a plan

I am comfortable with letting God be the deciding man

I still have a ways to go

But this time it’s for show I know

Life doesn’t need perfection to be

Because it’s a Journey of Faith for me


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