April Die-cut Swap

Thought for the Day: “I think that we tear each other down enough you know? and sometimes you should tell people the things that you love about them, like something they’re really great at, or a quality they have that you admire, and I don’t know, you did a really great job.” – One Tree Hill

This month’s theme was spring and flowers and showers. It was a broad theme because there are also flower swaps taking place on the board and wanted to give people the change to be creative without doing the same thing twice and competing with the other host. 🙂 Everyone did an amazing job! It truly amazes me month after month seeing your beautiful creations and your interpretation of the theme. Great job ladies! Thank you so much for your participation!

1. I had two die-cut swaps going on at once so I kept mine very simple for this round. I have really been into the bow thing lately and this really worked for me. 

2.The picture totally doesn’t give this die-cut title justice. The flower middles are shaded middles with glitter and definitely make the embossed flowers POP. The inked edges really make this title complete.

3. I love these easter eggs! They are so cute and they have cool patterns on each one of them. I really like how the grass is splattered with different greens and that they are disconnected so that we can scatter the eggs around a LO!

4. I really liked these flowers. I have never seen them before but I was instantly curious, wanting to be able to make some more! I love how the patters coordinate on the inside and the outside and how the layering gives it dimension. 

5. I loved the multiple pieces to this die cut. the cage is multi-toned in varied light colors which really makes the red bird stand out. The bird is attached to the “cage” with a bronze/brown chain. I love how the attachment adds texture to the die-cut!

6. Unfortunately, this participants got lost in the mail. I am really hoping they are just temporarily misplaced and that they will show up soon!

7. This was a smaller die-cut flower that will provide a great accent to a photo or card. I am super excited to use it. I really like the PP and the yellow glitter!

8. I really like the cloudy PP background and then how the bright striped PP stands out from it. This die-cut is dimensional using pop up adhesive and I really like how the background is a little “worn” with the creme lines. Very rainy!

9. I love the shape of these flower petals. I also love how the dark and light blues are faded into one another by the blue inking along the edges and the blue brad center. I love the yellow and blue PP!

10. I like how many different PPs are incorporated into this die-cut. The lime green and yellow alternating pieces are very cute and accent one another nicely! I love the little button center to top it off!

11. This was a cute little interpretation of the theme. She made two coordinating die-cuts, one title and one embellishment. I love how she made the letters multiple colors. After attempting something like this for ONE die-cut for ONE layout, I totally understand the amount of time it takes to put these together.

12. I love these flower bunches! The yellow petals have are inked for texture and a nice accent color! The leaves have green marker lines to also add texture! I really like how they are split apart so that they can be scattered along the bottom of a photo or LO! 

13. I really like this cute little frame. You can barely tell by the photo, but the yellow paper is shimmery. She sent a note with this die cut saying that the white space could be filled with a photo, title, journaling, quote, etc. I haven’t seen one like this since I started hosting and I really like it!

14. I think these rain boots are adorable! I love the green, blue, and orange colors and how the patterns work to ether even though they aren’t all the same. I like how the “rain” PP is different colors.

15. I really like the bright pink and yellow colors that make this flower POP! I love all things sparkly and the yellow glitter really makes me smile! 🙂 I also like how this flower is on a stem, I don’t have many of these and I think it was a fun little detail to add on.


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