May Hilights

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite moments and things from this past month. Many of these have posts dedicated to them so feel free to snoop around and be nosey! 🙂

1. I graduated from high school!

To see photos and read more about this event click here.

2. I had to prepare a thumb print video for my language arts class as an end of the year project. Austin assembled the photos I picked into this video. It’s pretty short and can be found here.

3. Austin also graduated from high school.

His photos can be found here.

4. We got to participate in grad night at our church. My Mom and Austin’s mom coordinated the who event and made food, decorated, and planned everything. Our youth minister put together a really fun slide show of photos from when we were younger. It was cool seeing how much we had grown up in the past six years. Below is a photo of Me, Austin and Nick. We went to each one of our graduations together. I am so lucky to have these two amazing people as friends.

5. Since school has been out I’ve been visiting blogs of other’s more frequently. One that I follow consistently is Tonya, a photographer, and mom of 4 writes amazing testimony’s of her life  and how she strives to be a good christian mom. Recently she shared her continuous love story with her husband Dale and their fight to survive infidelity. She also shares DIY crafts, lots of yummy recopies, and her photography. This is my favorite blog to follow and I recommend you check it out 🙂

6. I started a new devotional study with my youth group. We are reading Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman. It discussed a Christian’s devotion to God and how we should be followers not fans. I have had it for 2 days and I am already on chapter 3. It’s funny, capturing, and definitely worth reading. After our small group finishes it, I will post a review.

7. My friend Janine loaned me her copy of the last season of One Tree Hill. It is such a good series! I only have the very last episode left to watch but I am waiting so we can watch it together. I love this show and often play it while I scrapbook or blog.

8. I also got the new Carrie Underwood C.D. It is amazing! I really recommend this as well. Carrie is coming to concert in October but I won’t get to go because I’ll be at school. 

9. I was able to participate in my 3rd blog hop this month. It was the mother’s day hop where each participant created a card or other mother’s day project. I love being able to see other artist’s interpretation of the same project description. My project is pictured below. If you want to see other projects, click here.

10. I was able to participate in so many events this past month. I have been competing in a throwdown lottery challenge with a few of my scrapbooking friends. We have created 251 Layouts between the four of us. So far we are in the lead. If you like to scrapbook or make cards, check out this site to get involved with other creative peeps!


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