After God’s Own Heart: Sarah’s Lessons

Yesterday I summarized Sarah’s story taken from Genesis Ch 12-23. If you would like to read that post, it can be found here.  If you have time, I recommend reading it straight from your Bible.

Today I wanted to share some lessons that we can learn from Sarah’s story.

1. Emotions can make us do crazy things! In Genesis Chapter 16 we read of the conception of Ishmael, the son of Sarah’s maidservant. Sarah becomes angry toward Hagar and Hagar becomes resentful toward Sarah. This creates mistreatment of Hagar by Sarah and therefore increases the initial issue. Later, when Sarah is listening to Abraham’s conversation in Chapter 18 she laughs at the idea of her having a baby. When confronted about her response, she lies due to fear. Sometimes we should slow down and think through our decisions to avoid our emotions getting the best of us. I often speak before I process my thoughts and act before contemplating the consequences. Although it will never be completely avoided, I believe it is something we should all work on. I know it would save me a lot of hurt feelings! Also, we should give got our emotions of anxiety, fear, self-reliance, jealousy, etc. If we focused on God instead of allowing those feelings to get the best of us then we would probably make better, more thought out decisions.

2. God can use us despite our “flaws”.

Genesis 1:27 says “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

God knew exactly what he was doing when he created you. Unlike humans, God is perfect and flawless. He doesn’t make mistakes! Sarah was unable to have children, yet God provided for her. I’m not saying that God is going to work in this exact way every time, because that simply isn’t the case. He is however, going to write you a beautiful story if you hand your flaws to him and let him use them.

3. We have to be patient and let God work in His way. I saw a quote once that said, “Having faith in God means having faith in His timing.” Isn’t that the truth! Sarah knew that God promised Abraham that he would provide for him and make him into a great nation. Instead of allowing God to provide in the way he intended, she took matters into her own hands and allowed her husband to sleep with Hagar. As you know, this created many problems that could have been avoided had she been patient.

4. God keeps his promises. God promised that Sarah would have a son within a year, and she did. He makes many promises throughout his word and we have to remember to find comfort in those because HE KEEPS EACH AND EVERY ONE!

Join me tomorrow for some scriptures about God’s promises for us.


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