May Die-Cut Swap

The theme for the May die-cut swap was poka-dots. I loved how everyone interpreted this generic theme, and I bet you will too! As always, these are listed in the order of sign-ups so that you will know who made what.

1. I had a clear vision of what I wanted to make for this swap, so naturally I couldn’t make it work on paper how it was in my head. I started with these small squares and stamped poka-dots on them. Then, I attached a rhinestone in the corner. I decided my original idea wasn’t going to work so then I scrapped that and started over. Even though the square itself doesn’t meet the size requirement, I decided to include it in the toss. Here is my die-cuts

2. She decided to make a layered poka-dot out of patterned paper. The middle layer has slits in it all the way around to add texture to the die-cut. She told me that we could curl the little slits a little to add a little extra dimension. Plus, I love the color!

3. I love this journaling die-cut. I have been using them more and more and this one immediately catches my eye! The bottom layer is embossed with poka-dots and the top layer makes the whole tag a dot! I love the way that the bright blue and dark green complement each other.

4. This die-cut is not only adorable, but also perfect for summer! Each layer has poka-dots and the embossed parts add great texture! I also like the poka-dot cherry on top.

5. This button is outlined in brown “stitches” which really enhances the sewing aspect of the die-cut. I love how her crafting served as inspiration for this project and how she topped off this dotty die-cut with a bright bow!

6. This participant made 3 little flags with toothpicks and patterned paper. She tied them up in a bundle with the red ribbon so everyone got 3 different flags. I love how the blue and yellow flags are more subtle and the one in the middle has bright vibrant poka-dots that match the ribbon. These are some fun flags! 

7. This is another fun die-cut. The poka-dots on the trapezoid kite are sparkly and fun! I really like how they are all different colors and how the end of the ribbon has a red bow. Below is a close up of the poka-dots!

8. I love this paper! It is so bright and fun, perfect for summer! I love how even the flowers next to each word are in poka-dots! Great job sticking to the theme and making this fun die-cut.

9. Red, Black, and White is one of my favorite color combinations. She did an amazing job on the lady bug’s detail. The red wings are embossed and have glossy black spots and red glitter to provide texture and a pleasing aesthetic. I like how she used twine as the antennas and tied little knots on each one. The black and white bow tops off this awesome embellishment perfectly! 

10. This die-cut used multiple patterns that all included poka-dots. I love how the “0” is a heart and the details that she put in. The ribbon, rhinestone, glitter, and dimensional flowers really tie this die-cut together. It’s perfect since many of us haven’t scrapbooked mothers day yet!

Here is a close up of her dimensional flowers. It’s a little blurry, but you get the idea.

11. This participant decided to make multiple die-cuts for this months swap. Her first is an “outside” tag with bright colors and some blank space that I plan to journal on. She did a great job incorporating the dots in every element!

Next, she made poka-dot stamps. I love orange and pink together and the bling upon the crown tops it off wonderfully!

Lastly, she decided on a layers butterfly made of dotty patterned paper with a cocoon behind it. Below is the close up of the awesome quote she chose.

12. I have never seen anyone make a die cut like this before, in fact I didn’t even know it was possible. This die-cut has poka-dots that match the “adventure” title and it is dimensional. I love how the dots slide around like confetti! This is fun and I want to learn how to make them. 


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