Dorm Room Decor: wood letters

I am so excited to start my life as. College student! It will be so strange, living 14 hours away from home, sharing a room, and no longer having regular home cooked meals.

I have been so blessed with a roommate who is going into the same career field as me. I get to meet her this week at summer camp and I know we are both very excited! One thing we talk about frequently is de orating our dorm room. As I complete some of the DIY projects that we have decided on, I am going to share them with you.

Here’s my first project:


These were so fun and easy to make!

Wood letter block from hobby lobby $1.99
Paint brush
Double sided tape, adhesive, or glue
One sheet of 12×12 patterned paper
Embellishments, ribbon, rhinestones, flowers, etc. (anything you want to decorate the letter with.)

1. Lay the 12×12 patterned paper facedown on your workspace
2. Set the wooden letter on top also facedown.
3. Use your pencil to trace the letter shape onto the back of the patterned paper. Be careful to trace it as close as possible to save time later.
4. Carefully cut out the shape and lay it on top of the letter. Make any necessary adjustments. (I had to trim the “H” because the sides were hanging over the edge of the wood.)
5. Set the patterned paper cut-out aside and set up your workspace to paint.
6. Paint the edges of your wood letter. I tried to be as neat as possible but as long as the edges get covered, you’re good.
7. As soon as it is dry, adhere the patterned paper to the wood block.
8. Then start decorating! I tied three strips of ribbon around the letter, adhered a flower over some of the flat ribbon to draw attention to e color, and added some bling for extra sparkle.

The best thing about this is that it can be modified for any letter of the alphabet, color, pattern, etc.

If you decide to try this craft, I would love to see your projects! You can email me your photos at creativelyloving.wordpress(at) or post a link in the comment section.


Thanks for stopping by! More DIY dorm room decor to come!


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