Pug Love Mini-Album

I was asked to make a brag book mini-album by someone who goes to church with me. She is going to send it to her friend who just moved away as a memorial for this dog, and as a way to comfort her in her recent move. I just wanted to share the pages I made today to showcase that albums can be simple and adorable 🙂

To make the cover for this album, I used some spare cardboard that I had saved from the back of scrapbooking paper pads.

I just used a regular cutter and made sure to hold the cardboard down and press the blade hard to ensure that it went through the entire thing.

Use the guidelines on the cutter so that the cover will be clean and straight!

To cut the holes in the cover, I used a regular 3 hole punch and lined it up so that the holes were about 3/4″ from the top and bottom of the cover.

I prefer painting the album covers to adhering paper on them. This is the type of paint I used. I bought this from JoAnns over a year ago and paid $1.00 for it. Let me tell you, a little goes a long way!

I usually do one coat and a little touch up. Overall the color is even and the paint dries super fast!

Without further ado, here is the album pages!

All of these pages were made from my scrap box. Each one is a tad bit different but the poka-dot theme throughout ties all the pages together. I hope you enjoy! If you decide to make a mini-album like mine or any other project, please let me know! You can email me photos at creativelyloving.wordpress(at)gmail.com or comment with a link to your project. Have a great day!


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