Encounter 3

This is the next post in my summer camp series. Below are the links to the previous posts.

Encounter 2012

Encounter 2

Encounter Day 2: Class Notes

Monday was the first official day of Encounter. We woke up bright and early ready for some fun! Each day after breakfast we all met in the auditorium to sing and worship before classes. There are a few sayings that we say to get pumped and awake. 

The first, is led by the leader and everyone in the audience repeats it. 

Leader: I’m alive

Everyone: I’m alive

Leader: I’m awake.

Everyone: I’m awake.

Leader: I’m enthusiastic

Everyone: I’m enthusiastic

Leader: (Clapping) I’m ready to start my day

Everyone: (Clapping) I’m ready to start my day

The second is a competition chant, usually girls vs. boys. This year we did class competitions (freshman, sophomore, etc.) and also boys in girl voices and girls in boy voices. It was really funny.

It goes like this:

I feel good (Clap) oh I feel so good (hugh)

The last one is my favorite because of it’s message. 

It goes like this:

Leader: I am

Everyone: I am

Leader: God’s child

Everyone: God’s child

Leader: I am

Everyone: I am

Leader: Somebody

Everyone: Somebody

Leader: ’cause God

Everyone: ’cause God

Leader: Don’t make

Everyone: Don’t make

Leader: No junk

Everyone: No junk

Leader: Amen?

Everyone: Amen?

Leader: Amen?

Everyone: Amen?

Leader: Amen!

Everyone: Amen!

Each day we attended two classes before lunch and one class after lunch. The summary of Monday’s classes will be in tomorrow’s post. 

After the third class we were given a few hours of free time until dinner. Usually we met in a small coffee shop and play cards.

On this afternoon, my mom and I drove to Covenant Nursing School to meet with their admission councilor, Dana. She gave us a tour of their campus and went over the program details. It was very helpful to have my questions answered and I was excited to learn that I was on the right track!

She took us to the local hospital where the school’s simulation center is located. We were taken into one of the rooms that nursing students practice in. IT was set up like a regular hospital room with a dummy “mom” in the bed and her “baby” dummy in the small bed off to the side. They told us that this particular “patient” can give birth, blood and everything. The instructor watches from the next room over and uses a computer so that the dummy can speak with the nursing students. I am very excited to learn in this simulation center!

They showed me another part of the simulation unit where the beginning nursing concepts are practiced and mastered. I will not be allowed to perform any medical procedures without mastering them on these dummies. I think that the extensive practice required will help me be a better, more confident, nurse.

I met up with my youth group back at the Encounter campus for dinner. Every night after we ate, everyone met in the auditorium for some worship and a keynote speaker. I love the sound of 900 voices praising God through music. This year the keynote speakers were AMAZING and by far my favorite part of Encounter! You can find the summary of Monday’s keynote in tomorrow’s post as well.

We met with our small groups after the keynotes to discuss the topics presented. My councilor Chelsey was so sweet and did a great job leading our discussions! I think its cool that she will be able to help me get familiar with LCU when I move there. 

And of course what better way to end the night than with entertainment! We shared lots of laughs while Dr. H hypnotized our councilors and LCU staff.

Exhausted, we went to our rooms and went to bed. Be sure to return July 1st to hear about our first day of classes and the amazing keynote speaker! 


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