Encounter Day 6

This is the second to last post for my Encounter 2012 Series.

Austin and I were able to visit Bahama Bucks, a fun little snow cone place in Lubbock with the future freshman for 2012. We had never had anything like it and were pleasantly surprised by how much we liked it. It will definitely be a “keeper”. I apologize for the lack of photos.

Michael Jr. who is a hilarious comedian was the entertainment for the evening. He was so funny and we had never seen him before. It was by far the best entertainment! Also, it started raining during worship time which for us Arizonians was a nice change in weather.

Now time for my class notes…

Game of Thrones

The message from this class was: The dragon is cunning, beautiful, and cannot be tamed. Bear with me, I have lots of notes to explain that LOL!

Where in your life do you feel as though the dragon is making war against you, as though the lion is trying to devour you? (self image, substance abuse, respect for your parents, standing up for your faith, etc.)

Weapons of Defense:

1 Peter 5:8

James 4:7 – Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you

The dragon is cunning so we will resist him.

Ezekiel 28:12 

The dragon is beautiful so we draw near to God.

James 5:8

1 Peter 5:8 – can’t be tamed

We cannot control sin, it will destroy us.

Ephesians 4:27


If you can’t control it, get rid of it!

(Computer, magazines, chocolate, competitive sports, etc.)

The war is real! The dragon is real!

Victory has been purchased for us! We have a hard time because even though the battle has been won, there’s still war occurring. Satan wants us to worship something less that worthy of our worship.

Spend time, money, etc. with God. INVEST IN GOD!

The game of thrones shifts our desires. Have a little more faith and stop playing the game of thrones. Stop replacing the opinion of God with the opinion of man. Stop worshiping the fake and worship our God who is worthy!


The teacher for this class discussed different ways to spend time with God. I am saving those notes for an upcoming post that I am really looking forward to. For now, here is a sneak peak.

Half-hearted people: 

1. look at Christianity as a burden

2. want everything handed to them

3. are destructive to others and things

4. doesn’t plan on growing spiritually 

5. procrastinates

6. does not include God in their schedule

7. choose sleep over God

8. they believe they don’t need to change or improve 

9. selfish and rebellious to God



Self Identification

God put is into this world to be salt and light but instead we try to be like the people we are trying to influence. When we act like those we think are “cool” or “popular” instead of being the person God created us to be, He cannot use us to our full advantage.

It is so damaging for us to imitate them because when we “sow those wild oats” they will be a lot wilder and will hold you longer than you had planned.

1 Peter 2:9

Romans 8

2 Timothy 17

God justifies, not man. You can’t let God down because he holds you up in his righteous right hand! 

We don’t live our calling for many reasons. A few of these would include our past sins, the situations we are currently stuck in and our failures. God has called each and every one of us to live a life of holiness, morality, and goodness. 

God doesn’t see anything in His book. There are NO eraser marks. Forgiven means FORGIVEN. A CLEAN SLATE. A NEW BEGINNING.

We all sin.

False Humility: it isn’t all about you. His grace takes us out of our self-loathing. The conversation will lead to grace and he will give you the desire to serve even in your state of sin, grace has your back.

We can walk in God’s grace in spite of our current failures. The race for the courageous and the conquerers isn’t about perfection, it’s about completion.

God knows you won’t have all your stuff together. THAT’S WHY WE HAVE JESUS!


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