DIY Dorm Room: Bulletin Board

I’ve been super busy trying to get prepared for dorm life and college. It was really important to me to have a cute room that didn’t cost a lot of money. Today I am going to share something my mother made for my room a couple years ago that is super quick and easy. A cute bulletin board! Just run to Target or Walmart and grab the bulletin board of your choice. Any size will work but I definitely recommend shopping the sales. This one has a brown “wooden” border that is completely covered. While you are there, pick up a boa from the craft or dress-up aisle that you want to use as the border. Make sure to get 2 if your board is larger. (You don’t want to get home and realize you didn’t buy enough!) You can hot glue the boa to the border of the board and walla! your done 🙂

I will post a better photo in my dorm room post in about two weeks BUT I also wanted to share something I realized while school shopping.

While walking down the office supply aisle, I realized that the cute push pins are a couple dollars more expensive than the plain ones. If you are a crafter like me and have a couple extra gems lying around, you should just hot glue rhinestones to the pins and make them cute. Way Cheaper! I assume you could also tie cute ribbons around them or even glitter them up, but I haven’t tried these.

If you choose to make a bulletin board like this OR any other DIY dorm room projects, please email me your links at creativelyloving.wordpress(at)



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