Flagstaff Trip 2012

Back in 2001, my grandparents moved from their home in Phoenix, Arizona to a beautiful Flagstaff residence that backs up to the woods. My cousin Lauren and I were the first two grandchildren to go visit their new home and we loved playing in the open space, hiking in the woods, and exploring each and every inch of our new environment. We spent time at their home every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas in addition to one week for each grandkid in the summer. My favorite was the alone time with my grandparents. My grandma would take me to JoAnns and we would sew clothes for my Build-a-Bears. My grandpa would go hiking with me and wouldn’t mind when I dragged him off the path or “just a little farther”. My grandparents blessed me with amazing childhood memories and someday I want to take my kids to the same spot and share that piece of me with them.

Lauren and I were able to take a day trip and visit them yesterday before we left for college. My grandparents have discussed selling their house and moving closer to us so it was important for Lauren and I to have our last hurrah. What better way to do that than with the person we first traveled there with?

We drove up to their house yesterday morning and arrived right before lunch time. We had a great time discussing college and our upcoming adventures. We went to Freddy’s for lunch, a personal favorite that was delicious. Later in the day we went to Baskin Robins. What better time to eat ice cream than when it is pouring rain outside?!

When I was younger I spent hours outside in the woods hiking down the path to a little fenced in yard with horses, playing hide and seek, sledding, etc. It was important for us to hike one last time before we left for college. Lauren and I headed out back, cameras in hand. Here are some of my favorites!




We had walked down to where one path ends and another begins when all of the sudden it started to pour! I’m not talking light drizzle or a few sprinkles. I mean full on, blobs of rain mixed with a few small pieces of hail. We ran back to the house as fast as we could manage.


We got soaked! Although normally I would get stressed out and upset about this, I had fun. My grandma got us robes so we could dry our clothes and my grandpa decided to photo bomb our picture.


My grandpa pulled out and gave me this really old book that is kind of like an encyclopedia. I was really excited to look through it.


Right before we left, we wanted to snap a few more photos and then head home before the rain got too bad. We had a fabulous trip and were so thankful for that time together!






One thought on “Flagstaff Trip 2012

  1. Moongirl says:

    What a wonderful adventure! How special that you got to share this time with your pretty cousin and make fabulous memories with your grandparents. I love the photos!

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