Dorm Room 2012

Here it is, the post you have all been waiting for. After a lot of sweat, hard work, and tears, our room is finally complete. Because of some unforeseen complications and a lack of communication, we were forced to quickly establish a plan C. (Plans A and B were quickly thrown out the window.)

Luckily Hailey and I are extremely pleased with the furniture arrangement and the decorations. My dad did an awesome job fixing up all of my technology stuff and helped store a lot of boxes and a suitcase completely out of sight. I was really antsy and nervous at first but now I could not be happier!

When I was packing, I thought I had a ton of stuff and I was afraid that it wasn’t all going to fit. Let me put this into perspective for you. I gave Austin 5 boxes, a medium sized tub, and my mini fridge. My dad stuffed his trunk full of my stuff and also the entire back seat of his car. In total, I think I had 1 suitcase, 8 boxes, 1 green tub, 1 duffel bag, a fridge, a backpack, bedding, pillows, a printer, and a trash can filled with clothes. Hailey filled her entire car, her dad’s trunk and her mom’s trunk. We had a ton of stuff…

Here is the final results… (click on any photo to enlarge it)

Also, all my DIY projects will be linked to my pinterest if you are interested!


4 thoughts on “Dorm Room 2012

  1. Megan D says:

    Looks gorgeous Jordan! I’ve never seen a dorm with a walk in closet. Looks like you have made great use of your space! Good luck with school. The first week of syllabi are quite overwhelming I will warn you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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