Week 1 of College Life

Just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know how things are going! 

After moving in we began freshman GO Orientation. It was a lot of fun but it was a little stressful as well. Each day was PACKED with activities and classes some of which were really beneficial some of which, were not. 

I was very excited to start classes and was a little discouraged by a little conflict with my schedule and transcripts. (Not really worth getting into). I do however wan’t to glorify God. If I hadn’t been upset by this issue, I wouldn’t have been able to see how many people were rooting for me. I think it was a blessing in disguise and although it hasn’t been completely resolved, I am confident in the path that God leads me on.

My first day of classes was awesome! I love my Chemistry class and think it’s going to be a lot of review which is great. I got a 99.4% on my first homework assignment so that was promising. I think some of my other classes will be a little harder but overall I think I’ll be able to handle it. 

There was a worship night the other day called Blur. One of the small singing groups “Best Friends” led worship and then we had a wonderful keynote speaker preach. It was awesome! There is another one eventually and I definitely want to go! 

Then this weekend I got to have a fun movie night and dinner with one of my friends who lives about 10 minutes from campus. Austin made delicious chicken and she made pasta. It was super simple but definitely a nice change from cafeteria food, (more about that at a later date). 

Earlier that day my friend and I were running back to my dorm room to grab some stuff I’d left behind. On the way back to her place I got in a car accident. Everyone is fine! I was driving in the left hand lane closest to the median and another car was turning left across traffic and he should have stopped in the middle lane but he didn’t. As soon as I saw him coming into my lane I swerved right but he scraped the entire right side of Austin’s car. It is dented and scratched and I felt really bad even though the accident wasn’t my fault. If I had of braked he would have t-boned us and I probably would have been injured. I think God was watching over me because somehow I just knew to keep going. Everyone in both cars was completely fine but I had a cop come report it for us. We are both a little sore today from our seat belts but I’ll gladly take that over major injuries any day. 

I think everyone here would appreciate prayers as we continue on in this semester. Please let me know if I can pray for you! 

More to come. ❤ 


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