3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer

The 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer is an amazing opportunity for both men and women to come together, raise money, and walk for those struggling with the awful disease of Breast Cancer. It consists of a 20 mile walk each day for three days. The first time my mom completed this amazing task, we trained together for weeks. I looked forward to our walks after dinner each night and it brought us together. 

Because she walked in San Diego the first year, we were not able to experience the actual events. The second time she completed the 3-Day, she registered for the Phoenix walk. My dad took us to the stadium where the closing ceremony was held and we were able to take part in that experience. It was amazing seeing all the love and hope embedded in that sea of hope. 

My mom has once again made the decision to support this cause. She still needs to raise just over $1700 in order to walk, and every penny counts! If you are willing to support my mom in her walk and desire to take part in Breast Cancer research, please visit her website here and make a donation. If you cannot support this monetarily, please take a few moments and pray over this entire cause. They will be walking in November and she couldn’t be more excited! 

In 2012, the United States will contain:

 226,870 new cases in women

 39,510 deaths in women

2190 new cases in men

410 deaths in men

For more information regarding Breast Cancer including statistics, prevention, treatment, and awareness please click here.

If you are interested in the 3-Day walk, you can find out information here.




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