DIY Nail Flowers

My absolute favorite way to treat myself is going to get my nails done. Unfortunately the cost of going on a regular basis is not one that I can afford. When I was in 6th grade I started experimenting with my nails and figured out how to do flowers myself. They aren’t perfect like the ones that professionals do but they are manageable for anyone to create.

First, paint your nails like you normally would. I usually do two coats and wait for them to dry about 5 minutes before I start the flowers.

Then take a mechanical pencil and using the brush from the nail polish, put some polish on the tip of the pencil. Don’t have any lead coming out for this step.

Then carefully, put 5 dots of the paint on your nail. I usually have to add more paint to the pencil after every other dot.



Then wipe the remaining paint off of your pencil. Push the pencil twice so that lead starts to come out. If there is paint on the lead, wipe it off on a cotton ball or break it off and let new lead emerge.


Starting in the middle of each dot, carefully pull each of the dots toward the center. This is where the flower begins to take shape.


Let the paint set for a couple minutes before painting the middle.

Take your pencil and break off the lead so that it is just the plastic tip. Dip the pencil in the paint. I usually use a different color for the middle to make the flower stand out more.

Carefully make a dot of paint in the middle of the flower. You could even adhere a small rhinestone in the middle instead of paint. If you get too much paint in the middle, use the edge of a tissue to soak it up instead of starting completely over. When it is finished, you should have a flower like this.

Sometimes I make them smaller and do multiple flowers, sometimes I add glitter, sometimes I just leave them like this. The possibilities are endless! Goodluck! Please comment with any questions and send photos showing your designs to creativelyloving.wordpress (at)

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