Packin’ for Scrappin’

Moving to college threw me multiple knots that I had to untangle, especially when it came to putting together a room that I had no access to until move-in day. I used the measurements I found online and tried to visualize exactly how I wanted everything situated. It didn’t take long to discover the limited space available for extra belongings.
The hardest part of packing was trying to decide how much of my scrapbooking stuff to take. I started this semester with 17 hours and knew that I wouldn’t have overly abundant free time to fill with my hobby. I did want to have some things here however, so that I could create some “me time”.
I am part of an online scrapbooking community and one of the things constantly popping up in the forums is “how should I pack my scrappy stuff for ____”. Everyone pitches in ideas that work for them and after reading and participating in these threads, I have developed a system that works for me.
I spent some time making pre-made kits, each containing solid card stock, patterned paper, embellishments, vellum, stickers, etc. I would start with a sketch and put all the components necessary to create that LO or I would start with one item (such as a package of stickers) and build everything around that. Some kits have enough for a single LO only and some have enough for multiple doubles. It just depended on the amount of product I had for that particular theme or color scheme.
I put these kits stacked on top of one another in a 12×12 box that snaps shut. I packed two of these to take to college.
I went through the pre-made pages that I had already completed and pulled out the ones I would use in this years albums. These were packed in a separate 12×12 box.
As pages are completed and are ready to go into an album, they are placed in this 12×12 zipper sleeve so that they stay safe and dust free. All the scraps that are worth saving, extra stickers, and full 12×12 papers that were leftover from a kit are also stored in a separate 12×12 zipper sleeve. I love these because they protect that LOs so nicely!
My style of scrapbooking often includes last minute embellishments, ribbons, stickles, etc. I wanted to take all of my embellishments but I wasn’t sure how to pack them. My sister and I went through all of my flowers, stickles, ribbons, brads and buttons and she helped me organize the ones I wanted to bring in little bags by color. I put all of these in a gallon zip lock bag so that they are maintained but don’t take up a ton of space.
I put all my flowers in this trunk that I got at the scrap convention this past year.
I put all of these components in this green trunk that I used as a laundry basket back at home. I slipped in a cutting mat, straight cutter, tape gun, and another gallon bag of tools (paper piercer, adhesive, etc.) in the sides of this crate. It fits nicely under my bed and takes up barely any space.
I know that everyone does different things to unleash their creative side and that this method of packing won’t work for everyone but it definitely keeps me organized and its very easy to get out and store.
If you have any tips on how to stay organized or how to pack for scrappy trips, feel free to comment. I love hearing from you!

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