Race for the Cure 2012

My friend Hailey and I were able to participate in the Race for the Cure with some awesome ladies from church. Her brother-in-law works for a printing company so he printed “fight like a girl” on pink t-shirts for us. We used some fabric glue to attach rhinestones and glam them up a bit.

It was freezing the morning of the race and we were ready to be back in bed with some hot chocolate and a movie. We completed the 1 mile walk and then enjoyed browsing the vendors at the end. 
Because we registered so late, we didn’t have the opportunity to pick up our shirt prior to the race. When we went to get them from the registration table, they only had XL and XXL available. I wasn’t too happy about that but I kindly told the volunteer a XL would be fine. She gave me one that is bright yellow. Everyone else had white race shirts that were really cute. I was really disappointed. 
I know it’s not the end of the world but I just get frustrated when I get the bad end of the stick.
At the end of the day, I was glad I got to participate in this race. I like being able to support the cause and take part in the awareness festivities after the race. Even though we only did a mile, the weather made up for it, LOL!
Great job ladies!

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