LCU Health Fair 2012

LCU sponsored a health fair to spread awareness about certain topics, host a blood drive, and provide students with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with different resources around town. Hailey and I went after chapel and checked it out. 

They gave us a bunch of free samples and brochures about their company, the services they offer, etc. They also made sure we all knew about cancer risks, destructive decisions, and opportunities to take control. 

My favorites were the toothbrushes, saline, and Gu samples. (I haven’t eaten the Gu yet because it’s gross and I haven’t needed it for anything. But it works, and it works well.)

The guys thought it was funny to hang breast examination directions on each other’s doors. In all honesty, most of these things I didn’t need and were quickly tossed into the trash. But walking around and seeing the skin cancer pictures, fetus development models, and the MADD both really made me want to continue making safe choices. 

One of the things that they offered was an opportunity to get this years flu vaccination. The nurse was giving me the shot and while the needle was in my arm, the medicine ran down my skin. I’m not really sure if I got any of the medicine inside my body, so I didn’t let her redo it that day. It was really weird. 

Many students walked around to all the booths merely to get their BINGO sheets signed so that they were eligible to win prizes, which is fine. I did that too. But just don’t let the messages stop there. Stay happy, stay healthy. I guess what I am trying to convey is this: make good choices. Deal?




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