Personal Bible Study Part 2

Yesterday I started a mini series on personal Bible studies. You can see that post here if you want to catch up. 

There are a couple different ways I like to start my personal bible time depending on my mood. I encourage you to learn what works for you and use that to your advantage.

I struggled to find an encouraging Bible Study for a long time. Then, while working at Berean Christian Stores, I discovered Sarah Young’s devotionals. She transformed her personal journals into inspiring devotional books.

She has written a few others but these are the most popular. These books are split up into one page for each day of the year. I found this not to be enough so I read it like a book, sometimes only one page and sometimes three or four. 

Some passages are longer than others but each contains embedded words straight from scripture. The passage is accompanied by references to those specific passages. 

They are written as letters from God which really help me listen to the voice of God. I can’t even tell you how many times the devotional for the day is an answer to my prayers. I find these encouraging and comforting when I am craving an intimate conversation with my Father.

Sometimes, I just want to get familiar with my Bible and learn more about the scriptures that it contains. I like being able to immediately reference the Word of God but it isn’t something I am good at. 

There are many books that contain scriptures organized by topic such as this one.

If a certain issue or event is prevalent to my current situation then I can easily find many scriptures to comfort and lead me in the right direction. Rather than just read them directly from this book however, I find them in my Bible and mark them so that I can easily find them again.

If I just want to find scriptures and become more familiar with my Bible without searching for a specific topic, then my favorite way is to use Pinterest. Yes, I know that’s a little weird but I do. There are so many amazing resources linked to this site. You can see the board I have put together here. I like to use these tools to discover thoughts other people have put together and to discover verses I have not yet seen. 

I enjoy doing things like this because when I want verses I can link it back to a photo or an article that I read. It helps make verses applicable to my life in ways I haven’t before recognized. 

There are so many amazing resources in book stores and online that can be helpful when you are trying to enhance your personal study. I encourage you to find one that works for you. Something that meets your personal needs. If you need help finding something please feel free to comment or email me at creativelyloving.wordpress (at) I am more than happy to do all I can to help! I would also love to know what your favorite ways to study are and if you recommend any resources. 

“Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.” – Proverbs 1:5 


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