Nike Fuel Band

As promised, here is my personal review of the Nike Fuel Band. If you want to hear about other college anti-freshman fifteen tips, you can see those in yesterday’s post here.

Before I came to college, I was certain that staying healthy and not gaining weight was a priority. I have heard (and seen) a lot of students start college and fall into the trap of endless snacks of caloric junk food. I am determined not to fall into that trap! Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy ice-cream and chocolate (I’m a dessert girl!) as well as the occasional pizza. Those things are fine in moderation! I just wanted to opt for healthier choices when possible. I have already begun to feel the extra energy that I get from a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Some days I do better than others but overall it is a huge improvement from my old eating ways.

In addition to making better diet choices, I have strived for an increase in my daily activity. My Nike Fuel band has assisted me in successfully doing this. These bands, only available on, are watches that count your calories burned, steps taken, Nike fuel points earned, and the time for each day. You can sync the bracelet with your iPhone or iPad via bluetooth or with your computer through the USB port. Your account tracks your fuel and allows you to set goals for yourself. My account is connected to my friends account so that we can motivate each other and compete for the highest number of fuel points. Nothing like a little healthy competition to get you movin’!


You can get points for every activity you take part in each day. Whether you’re cutting hair or running marathons, you can accumulate fuel points. You set your goal and strive to meet it each day. You can modify your fuel goal at any point in time on your online account. You can also customize your band to tell you the number of steps you take, calories you burn, and the time. 

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It is easily charged by connecting directly into your computer. The online software is simple and user friendly and continuously accounts for your progress and accomplishments. With a product as wonderful and simple as this, everyone can easily hold themselves accountable being active each day. 

What motivates you to get movin’ each day?

If you have any questions feel free to comment! Nike’s website has awesome tutorials and informative videos that are also very helpful and interesting. 

Thanks for stopping by!! 


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