Club Rush 2012 – Part 1

Lubbock Christian University has been crazy over the past couple weekends. At any point in time you could be sure to hear someone stressing out about social clubs, complaining about the amount of homework, or snoring in the back of the classroom because they didn’t sleep well the night before. Welcome to Club Rush 2012.

There are 4 social clubs for women here at LCU. Although I attended all events with an open mind, Christliche Damen was something I wanted to be a part of from day one.

On the first day of Rush, we were put into groups and traveled to four different parties within those groups, one for each social club. Each club allowed us to learn about them, meet the girls in the club, and participate in some fun mixer games.

My first party was Zeta’s. They had us introduce ourselves and then play some games. At the end they let us decorate cupcakes and split into groups by birthday so we could meet on a smaller scale with some of their members.

Lambda Omega Alpha’s party was next. We played some games, including mad-libs. Then we sang and prayed.

Kappa’s party was so much fun! We were brought into a dark room and everyone was wearing neon colors and glow sticks. There was black lights all over the room so everyone looked great! We played little Sally Walker and danced. I am the worlds worst dancer, but it was dark so maybe nobody noticed…

Christliche Damen’s party was great! While we were signing in, they painted our hands with their letters. We played knights and cavaliers. My friend Emily and I stayed in for a long time! They played a giant game of apples to apples where we had to act out the theme on the card. Those were hilarious!

At the end of the day I was DRAINED! Everyone told me that we would be but it wasn’t nothing compared to the exhaustion I experienced. Nonetheless, I couldn’t wait to see what invitations I would receive the next morning.

Join me tomorrow for some photos and to hear about the first weekend of RUSH 2012!


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