Club Rush 2012 – Part 2

I was so blessed and excited to participate in Club Rush 2012 here at LCU. To start from the very beginning of this series, start here. 

I woke up early Saturday morning so that I could get my invitations as soon as they opened the box office. To my great relief, I was invited to attend each social clubs party that weekend. I had two hours before my first party began. Knowing I had to move quick, Austin and I went with some friends to Walmart and Savers in order to select costumes for these themed parties. We made it back just in time to get dressed for our first party!

Zeta’s party was first. The theme was fiesta and their invitations reflected that perfectly – so cute!! We had to write our names on a white board and get our photo taken and then they welcomes us each by name, cheering and making us excited! Once everyone had signed in, we made a large circle and introduced ourselves and proceeded to play games. My favorite part of Zeta’s party was that throughout the entire event, their chaplain pulled us out in small groups to pray over us. It was a great opportunity to meet another member of their club on a personal level and it showed me how deeply their foundation in Christ is. They did a great job opening up and allowing us to get to know them.

My second party on Saturday was Kappa’s. Their theme was ______ and we played many games that revolved around hunting and duck dynasty. I didn’t think I was going to like their party because the theme isn’t really “my thing”, but I was so happy to be proven wrong. This was my second favorite party of the weekend. Once again we had to write our names on whiteboards and take our pictures before we were welcomed into the party. We were split up into groups and played the animal game and did some relay races. Our team won, woot, woot! At the end of their party, their chaplain Amanda got up and did a quick little devotional about our sins and how when God see us our sin is camouflaged because he loves us for us and not for the mistakes that we make. She did a great job tying their theme into scripture.

The next parties occurred on Sunday afternoon after church.

LOA’s party was monster themed. When I went to my room to get ready for this party, the supplies I thought I would get to use were no longer available so I had to come up with something in literally five minutes. Unfortunately the only thing I could think of throwing together involved face make-up and I knew that was a bad idea because I wouldn’t have time to clean it off before the final party. Even though I didn’t dress up for this party, I went and tried my best to enjoy it. So many girls dressed up in awesome costumes! My favorite involved two girls sharing an extra large t-shirt being a two headed monster. We played games with socks because in Monsters Inc. socks are involved in one of the big scenes. We also had to find Randall in the building that were in. The games were good and went along with their theme really well but I had a hard time meeting people while I was there. They did a great job sticking to their theme.

CD’s retirement party was my absolute favorite and I went all out for it. I found ugly grandma clothes at Savers, applied ridiculously obnoxious make-up, and baby powered my hair to make it look grey. Once we had taken our photo and signed in, we were given time to meet the members and see the amazing costumes that each girl came up with. One of the members carried around a jar with “ashes” in it and told everyone that her dear cat had died. At one point another girl stole the jar and hid it from her which was quite comical. We played relay races that went perfectly with their grandma theme. Once the games were completed, we got to eat pie (chocolate pie with whipped creme… mmmm) and hang out. It was very low key which made it fun. It was so easy to talk to the members because I was already friends with some of them and the girls that I didn’t know were so sweet and approachable. Before we left, they put on some music and we lined up and danced. I just kept laughing at what the girls were coming up with because they were staying in character so well! This was definitely my favorite party all weekend and helped confirm that CD’s is where I want to be.



After the parties were over I was exhausted! I was so ready to go back to my room and change out of my grandma clothes and wash the baby powder out of my hair. The day was so fun but so tiring that all I wanted to do was go to sleep. We had to wait a week before getting our next set of invitations. It was the longest week of my life!

Join me tomorrow to hear about the second weekend of parties and see more photos! 🙂


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