Club Rush 2012 – Part 3

I was so blessed and thankful to be a part of Club Rush 2012 here at LCU. In order to see my experience from the beginning, click here.

Friday morning we were able to receive our invitations at 10:00. I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I had been invited back to all four parties the previous week and made an effort to meet people at all of them. The only thing I kept praying for was an invite to CD’s party. When I was handed my invitations I was pleased to receive an invitation from CD’s and one from LOA. I was so glad that the parties were a little later in the afternoon so that I had some time to prepare. Austin, his roommate David, and I went to Good Will and Walmart to get our costumes.

CD’s party was first. The theme was Walmart, so what better place to shop for that than … Walmart! I was able to wear a lot of items that came directly from my closet and I added to those items. I purchased a t-shirt, and some tats! Everyone was so impressed with my attire.

This party was also pretty relaxed. We played a couple games that I did decent in and they were pretty fun. Two of the members were giving tattoos to all the girls and told me mine were done by amateurs, it was so funny! We were given time to just hang out and play games such as shopping cart races and toilet seat horse shoes.

We were pulled aside individually to be interviewed by either the president or their sponsor. I was so glad that it was easy to talk to them and I felt like I was able to give good answers.

After their party was over, I had about 15 minutes to eat and get changed for my next party. I raced back to my room and began getting dressed for LOA’s 60 games party. I didn’t even have time to change my hair or wash the tattoos off my arm! We got to play a few games with them, the best being whose line is it anyway? Some groups were hilarious and made me laugh so hard! It was a good way to end the second weekend of rush parties.

Tonight is our bid party and I couldn’t be more excited! Be sure to join me Monday to see what social club I was invited to pledge (I am not in yet!) and to see pictures from tonight’s party!


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