Club Rush 2012 – Part 4

If you missed the previous posts in this series, feel free to start with those by clicking on the links below.
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A week from yesterday I was so pleased to discover that I have the privilege of receiving a bid from Christliche Damen, “Women of God”. The first week in January I will be completing social club commitment week which is a week devoted to becoming part of the social club that gifted you with a bid. Because it’s changed greatly from last year and since I have never gone thorough this process before, I am not certain what to expect, but I am excited! I can’t wait to be a part of an amazing group of women devoted to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

On Friday night I got to attend my bid party. We got all glammed up and went to a members house to celebrate! The theme was A Night in Paris and they decorated beautifully! Our wonderful hosts prepared yummy crepes for us with almost every topping imaginable. I had blueberries on one and chocolate chips and powdered sugar on the other. They were delicious! I loved the tall wine bottles with purple candles in them for decorations! They even wrapped the whipped creme cans with scrapbook paper, so cute!

We got to mix and mingle and enjoy each others company. I loved seeing everyone all dressed up! Around the end of the party, we made a huge circle and everyone introduced themselves again. At the end, one of the members expressed how excited she was for us to be there and eventually be in their club. We aren’t allowed to wear CD shirts or use CD’s hand sign until we are inducted in January. I thought she did an excellent job of reminding us that we are not yet in club but getting us excited for that part of our experience. She suggested that we use the next few months to pray over one another and for our relationships,and to get excited to be in club!

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When we left we were given these adorable personalized book marks. I of course, being the scrapper that I am, will be converting it’s name from bookmark to one of a kind scrapbook embellishment. 🙂

 For now you are all caught up in my Club Rush activities, but I will have more to share next semester! I hope you enjoyed all these fun photos!

Feel free to stop by tomorrow to hear about a different part of my college experience.






Austin got a bid for Koinonia which is Christliche Damen’s brother club! Yay!!!


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