TWIRP Week Fall 2012


TWIRP week is a special week of events at LCU where the girls ask the guys out on dates. Each night, LCU hosts an event that couples can attend to take a break from school and have some fun.

A week before TWIRP week, Hailey and I skipped chapel to run errands. I needed to go to Walmart and get the supplies I needed, to ask Austin to be my date. He gave me a hard time for skipping chapel and commented on how I hadn’t asked him yet despite the fact that he had no idea what I was doing during my errands.
Two days later I had Austin’s roommate help me surprise him during lunch. Austin walked into his room after class to see a trail of kit kats leading to a poster made of kit kats with the word TWIRP surrounded by a bunch of question marks.
When he picked me up for our anniversary date he handed me an application and said I waited too long to ask him so he would have to review my request along with the ones he had previously received. I filled it out with some serious and some funny answers and gave it back to him. Austin’s roommate David made his girl friend do the same thing. Luckily our applications were accepted a couple days later.
We were all really excited for the events of TWIRP week and couldn’t wait for it to begin.
Austin and I were unable to attend the first nights movie event because he has a night class. We started our week of dates on Tuesday with the corn maze!
I had never been to a corn maze before so I was excited for a fun new experience! The picture above was the ticket to get into the corn maze and portrays an accurate diagram of the maze we had to make our way through. It was night time so we couldn’t see anything. Because everyone from LCU was there for TWIRP week we continually ran into friends and tried to make our way through together. Luckily we made it and I didn’t trip and fall once!
Wednesday night we watched our peers get hypnotized by Dr. H at the alpha chi devotional. After the event was over, we were given our TWIRP shirts. Austin and I matched our friends David and Emily the next day!
The saying here at LCU is “ring by spring”. Everyone wants to find that special someone and what better place to look than at Love Connection University.
Thursday night there was an event called Coke and Nacho that was a talent show. It was good and a a lot of the students were really funny!
Friday date night was by far my favorite! It started with a formal dinner in the cafeteria. We were late because Emily had to work so we got ready together, took pictures, and got dinner to go.
We had a picnic outside and decided to go out for dessert. Holly Hop Ice-cream Shoppe is a cute little restaurant about ten minutes from the school. They have amazing ice-cream and sodas. The entire shop is 50’s themed and they have a juke-box that you can pick songs from for free while you eat. Austin and I shared a brownie hot fudge sundae. YUM!
After dessert we headed back to the school and changed out of our fancy clothes. We had a great time hanging out together. Austin and I are so blessed to have an amazing couple to hang out with. TWIRP week was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again in the Spring!

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