Star Gazing

Quite possibly my favorite thing about texas is that you can drive ten minutes in any direction and end up “in the middle of nowhere”. I love being able to spontaneously go on date nights that cost nothing and mean so much.

A couple weeks ago, Austin, David, Emily, and I went star gazing. We saw so many shooting stars. I saw 2 and every couple minutes someone announced the presence of another one. It was breath taking!

After we sat in silence for about 20 minutes we decided to attempt to take a photo to remember our fun night together.

Here is what I learned:

1. Stars look way better in the middle of nowhere than they do from in town.

2. If its really dark and you are lying down staring at the sky, be sure to know where everyone else is at all times because if you don’t then they will creep up next to you, and scare you.

3. Those machines that pump oil make a lot of noise.

4. Don’t take your glasses off and set them on a blanket because someone will sit on them, and feel bad.

5. I cannot keep my eyes open for pictures if we use a bright flash, and it is funny.



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