What the 1st Semester of College Taught Me

Today I am heading home for Christmas break! I can’t wait to see my family and friends and spend time relaxing away from school work and due dates.

The first semester of college was quite the experience. It was filled with fun, drama, stress, growing-up, responsibility, and more.

I just wanted to share a few things that I learned this semester…

1. If you are from Phoenix and are moving somewhere that actually has winter as a season, flip flops aren’t considered real shoes.

2. Teachers could care less if you don’t have time to write their 10 pages essay because you have 3 other papers to write and 4 tests the next day. Write the paper anyway.

3. Coffee is a girls best friend.

4. It doesn’t matter how good you think cafeteria food is on the first day of school. By day 84 you will be sick of it.

5. Star gazing is way better from the bed of a truck right outside of town than it is from my backyard at home.

6. It can be hard to make friends, but if you treat people right you will have no problem getting people to like you.

7. If you spend 6 hours on move-in day setting up your dorm room, people WILL talk about it for the next week and girls will copy your ideas.

8. No matter how common sense something is, some people won’t “get it”. For example, the lint collector in the dryer that says “clean out before each cycle” is constantly caked with so much lint that it’s no wonder the dryers don’t work very well.

9. Every bathroom has “the good shower” and it is worth waiting the extra 15 minutes if you don’t have to stand in everyone else’s dirty water.

10. No matter how much fun living in the dorms are, you always want to visit home.


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