Christmas at College

This past weekend Austin and I celebrated “christmas” with our friends from school. Emily and I blindfolded Austin and David and headed out on our adventure. We drove to a little down called Ransom Canyon and entered a neighborhood full of houses with Christmas Lights and Decorations galore! The boys decided to hide under their blankets so they couldn’t see where we were headed and used their iPhones to GPS our location the entire way. Party poopers…

Once we arrived at our destination Austin drove us through this neighborhood. It was located on a mountain overlooking a lake and contained some beautiful houses!


There is a church embedded between some of these houses and we parked in their parking lot and got out to walk around a little. There was a brick path that led up to the church and we went exploring.


Towards the end we exchanged our gifts. Emily and David are really excited to use their date night legos!

Before we left I asked Austin to pass back by the Snoopy Car in the driveway of one of the houses.


After we had seen all the displays we went back to Emily’s courtyard at school. Her sister made us delicious homemade cinnamon rolls, which were a special treat!

The boy’s liked our Christmas Surprise, which was awesome! Success!



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