New Years Resolutions and 2012 Reflections

Last year I sat down and made four new years resolutions to complete in 2012. You can view that post here.

My list was:

1. Spend time with God every day

2. Keep my Room Clean

3. Scrapbook 100 pages

4. Exercise more and eat healthier

At the beginning of the new year I did a really good job of spending personal time with God every day. About the time LTC rolled around I started getting busier and didn’t find time to spend quietly with God because of all the commitments I had. I did do a lot of church devotionals and activities that allowed God to still be a major part of my life. This summer I did a good job again for a couple months but once college rolled around I didn’t get as much time. I struggled with finding a time and place because the dorms don’t really provide a quiet place to focus on God. I did make more of an effort to pay attention during church though and Austin and I really enjoyed church hunting. I plan to continue this resolution through 2013.

I did a decent job of keeping my room clean. No it wasn’t always spotless however, if there was a mess I cleaned it up in a timely manner. Here at college, my room is picked up almost every night before I go to bed and it is thoroughly cleaned on weekends.

I have scrapbooked way more than 100 pages this year. Thirty more to be exact.

I’ve exercised more and have eaten healthier than I did last year. I am not a stickler for diets and I don’t force myself to go to the gym daily but I am aware of my health and strive to make positive decisions. I can happily say that I haven’t gained my freshman 15!

My Resolutions for 2013 include:

– Writing down 1 thing I am thankful for each day

– Running 365 Miles

– Blogging Monday through Friday all year

– Spending time with God each day

– Scrapbooking 50 layouts

I am excited for what this new year brings! I encourage you to set your own goals for the new year along with accountability. Be practical and don’t give up! I wanted to set a physical goal, a fun goal, and a goal that helps me grow spiritually.

Hope your having a great Christmas Break! Hugs!!


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