Christmas Break 2012: Part 1

I have been enjoying my time home from school over the past couple weeks. The flights home went smoothly and I was very proud of myself because it was my first time to fly by myself. It was a huge accomplishment! You can read about that journey here.

My first week home was spent enjoying my sleep. I probably averaged around 12 hours of sleep for each day between nights and naps. I was exhausted! Despite the consistent sleeping, I was very productive during the first week back. I tried to keep myself busy because Austin was still at school enjoying a choir tour with his friends.

I got a new haircut from my favorite stylist!


I took some time to organize and box up my scrapbooking stuff and hung out with a friend who I enjoy scrapbooking with. My sister and I scrapbooked a baby book for one of my best friends and it turned out great!

Every year Austin’s mom hosts “cookie night” and I was so excited to go decorate cookies even though there was no way I was in the running to win. I made sure to decorate a cookie for Austin because he wasn’t able to attend.


One of my favorite things was getting to babysit my favorite kiddos! I was able to babysit for two different families my first weekend home. Then, I went to my sister’s cheer game and saw a family that I used to sit for a couple years back. It was great being able to see everyone!

Haley did a great job cheering for the Basketball team at her school! It was her night to call cheers so that was a special treat.


My sisters and I went to eat lunch with my grandparents one day which was fun. They showed me their new place and we enjoyed a meal together in the cafeteria.

A family from church hosted the youth group Christmas party and I was able to attend as a volunteer. I didn’t do much but it was fun watching everyone play the game. That always provides a good laugh!

A few days before Austin returned I was able to go to lunch with my best friend from grade school. We started Kindergarten together and have been friends ever since. It was so good to catch up and we weren’t ready to leave when it was time to say good-bye.

Unfortunately the day before Austin came home I got sick. The only good thing about it was the fact that I was at home and could lie in the bathroom floor without having to worry about catching any diseases that lurk in the dorms. It was awful! Fortunately that only lasted one day and I was ready to rejoin the world the next morning.

I got to go pick Austin up from the airport and was so excited to see him! We went to meet up with his parents and my mom and sisters for lunch at a new restaurant called Cafe Rio. It’s his mom’s new favorite place because when you order extra cheese they scream it really loud, “Exxxtraaa Cheeeeze!!!” and she gets very excited!

I had an awesome first two weeks of break and couldn’t wait for Christmas!


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