Think Before You Post!

Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Flickr. Instagram. Maybe even Myspace if you’re into the old fashion thing.


There are so many social networking sites available today, each offering a different way to share information, thoughts, and photos with your friends. I love being able to see exactly what’s going on at home with multiple people with just a few clicks on my computer. It’s awesome… usually.

Everybody has something about social networking that annoys them. Maybe it’s that weird cousin that you friended out of guilt who always is begging for you to send her something for Farmville. Or that friend who can’t seem to remember your birthday which must be the case since you continually receive those birthday calendar permission requests. What about that person who is constantly posting things to advertise their business, their political photos, their workouts.

For me, it’s when people don’t think before they post.

Lets be honest for a moment. Chances are, you have AT LEAST one of these social networking sites if not multiple. I personally use Facebook, Instagram, and my favorite, Pinterest. (That last one might be considered an addiction at this point.) 

How often do you slow down to think about the messages you are sending before you post something to your news feed? 

Here’s a few general examples (pulled from the internet, not intended to represent anyone in specific, LOL):

“I’m deleting people so if you’re reading this, congratulations. You made the cut.”

“After seeing everything about gun control and the school shooting I guess its time I have some input.”

“Why don’t guys like me. I’m going to be single forever…” 

“I can’t believe that just happened”
“Why, what’s going on?!?”

“Oh nothing. I can’t tell you…”

“I hate my life.”

“Ew. I look so gross in this picture!” (they posted it…)

“Up with the kids all night, they refused sleep…again”

“Aw honey I love you so much! You are such a sweet stud muffin and I can’t wait to see you later pookie bear! Mwah”

“Hey babe, won’t be home until later. I’ll see you then! What’s for dinner?”

“Ugh hate my boss. This job sucks”

“Did I just give up everything just to lose it anyway…I can only pray that she sees that. No body bother me Becuz I won’t reply to you.”

Just take a minute and consider the consequences of these statements. First off, girls who post dramatic statuses about hating the way they look and being single are usually seeking attention. It looks desperate and is far from flattering. I’m not going to say they don’t sincerely feel that way, I’m just suggesting that 763 of your closest friends don’t need to read that post multiple times with a few different synonyms. Then there are the parents who constantly post things about their kids. I understand the adorable photos, we all love to see them. I even understand the parenting questions, because this is a way to get a large amount of opinions from people you know. What I don’t seem to understand is the parents who continuously post the same thing about how bad or annoying their kids are. Maybe instead of spending time to post that same paragraph on Facebook again, you should try a different parenting approach because what ever you’re doing apparently isn’t working. To those couples who are constantly PDA all over my newsfeed,  please stop using those weird pet names for one another. I don’t need to know everything about your relationship and texting was invented for a reason. Furthermore, if you’re having relationship problems please get off Facebook and fix it instead of dragging every single person online into your drama. I promise that by posting that status you are only making the problem worse. And those people who like to trash talk their employer and the company that pays them to work hard instead of sit on Facebook, that probably isn’t the best idea. Oh yeah, and those pictures of you in your taco bell uniform in the bathroom mirror at work is super flattering. Future employers check those sites you know. There are consequences to every status that is posted, every photo uploaded, every word submitted. 

If you add something to the internet, you can’t get it back. Sure, you might be able to go delete that ugly picture a few minutes later, but that doesn’t guarantee that someone hasn’t already downloaded it and added it to their “save for blackmail later” folder. I mean really, if you don’t want someone to see it make sure it isn’t posted in the first place. 

The biggest aggravation I seem to have is incidences like these:

A status with a Bible verse is followed by a shared photo containing a curse word.

A picture of you sitting by the pool with your Bible and Starbucks is followed by a picture of last weekends party that you were too drunk to remember.  

A status about you being such a strong Christian is followed by a picture of you wearing a piece of fabric that cannot possibly be considered a complete outfit. 

Seriously people!? What kind of example are we setting for the younger generation that looks up to us? Do we want them to think that it’s okay to curse, be immodest, and call other people names as a joke as long as you attended church the weekend before? It makes me so sad to see people I once looked up to creating an environment like this. It isn’t okay. It doesn’t make it right. 

I’m not saying I am perfect. I enjoy movies that curse, I don’t always spell check my posts, and sometimes I type out of frustration instead of breathing and being the better person. I am saying that it is time for us to take responsibility for the things that we post, say, or promote. Just be careful about the eyes that could be using you as their role model because it’s very hard to take something back once you have plastered it multiple times across Facebook. I understand that there is a time and a place, but most of the time Facebook isn’t that location. 

So post those cute pictures of you at the fair, you eating pizza with a bunch of girl friends after Zumba, or those hilarious school dance photos from twenty years ago. Share your favorite Bible verse, Nicholas Sparks quote, or a hilarious story from school earlier. Even throw in that embarrassing part about falling up the stairs… oh wait, that was me. Just be careful, and think before you post.


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