After God’s Own Heart: Ruth

For the past two days I have been sharing Ruth’s story because she is such an inspirational woman of the Bible. (You can see these here and here.) Today I wanted to share with you an awesome poem that summarizes her experience. I found this poem on a blog called Through the Bible in Poetry and I greatly recommend it!

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Naomi and husband, Elimelech, experienced a famine severe.
They left Bethlehem, moved to Moab, and stayed there many a year.
They had two sons who married girls of Moabite descent.
When all three husbands suddenly died, all hope and joy was spent.

Naomi decided it would be best to go back to Bethlehem.
She told her daughters they should stay and find good Moabite men.
Orpah left and returned to her home to live with her folks for a while,
But Ruth decided to stay with Naomi and share her every trial.

Naomi told Ruth to call her “Mara,” for her sorrow was great.
The joy of life had now turned bitter with heartache on her plate.
Together they travelled to Bethlehem where they were warmly received,
But how they would support themselves, they had not yet perceived.

Boaz was Naomi’s relative from her husband’s side.
Because he cared about the poor, gleaners were not denied.
Ruth’s love for Naomi and faithfulness created a strong appeal,
So Boaz managed harvest conditions to keep Ruth in his fields.

Regarding Boaz Naomi observed strong character in his life.
She saw that he had interest in Ruth as a prospective wife.
She explained the Kinsman Redeemer, told Ruth just what to do.
As a kinsman, he could redeem her if he would follow through.

Ruth obeyed her mother-in-law and carried out her suggestion.
Boaz responded to Ruth’s request and acted with discretion.
First he had to open the door to a relative closer than he.
Once again he demonstrates his life of integrity.

Boaz went into the city and gathered the elders round.
Then he called the other kinsman to hear the proposal sound.
Naomi had a piece of land for redemption at a fair price.
Included in the redemption process, Ruth would become his wife.

The responsibility of the redeemer is to preserve the family name.
The nearest redeemer wanted the land, but the duty he would not claim.
This left Boaz free to redeem the property for the clan.
He joyfully took Ruth to be his wife and gave her Mahlon’s land.

Jesus is our Kinsman Redeemer. He paid the debt we owe.
He has received us as His bride because He loves us so.
Just as Boaz honored Ruth and showered her with love,
So the Lord in glorious truth will take us to heaven above.


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