After God’s Own Heart: Ruth Lessons

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Ruth was an amazing woman in many ways. She was kind, loyal, hard working, and patient. When Ruth had the option to return home to her people, she chose to stay with her mother-in-law and remain loyal to their family. In attempt to provide for her family, she went to glean in Boaz’s field. Because she was such a hard-worker she was able to find favor in Boaz’s eyes and he eventually stepped up to take care of her. She was patient for this to happen though and did everything in God’s perfect timing with the guidance of her mother-in-law.

Ruth’s story is one that starts out with heartache and mourning. With her husband gone, she was left to make some tough choices that would not be easy for anyone. God knew what He was doing though. Ruth was able to use her heartache for God’s glory by listening to his direction and following faithfully. If we can learn to act in this same way, we will be rewarded greatly. Not only does it benefit our relationship with God when we use our brokenness for Him, it also benefits so many others who  might be going through the same thing.

Think of something you have struggled with in the past. Remember how helpless and upset you felt at the time? Where did you find your hope, your strength, your victory? I love nothing more than being able to look for my comfort in the Lord and so many people that are going through the things that I have experienced in the past don’t know how to find that source of comfort. By sharing my story I am able to help others find that comfort and love.

I want to encourage you today to use your brokenness to serve God. Whether it is through sharing your story or through overcoming your heartache in order to live faithfully. I think you will be able to find more joy and rewards than ever before.


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