Club Rush – Part 5

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Club Rush Part 4

Earlier last year I started the process of Rushing a social club here at school. The first week back we had social club commitment week, formerly known as pledge week. The activities we completed all were designed to bring our group closer together and closer to God. Although it took us awhile to get the hang of it, I definitely feel like we accomplished all the tasks by the end of the week. While I can’t share many of the things that we did in order to prevent it from being ruined for next year, I can share a few tid bits from the week.

To start, I learned the importance of memorizing scripture. Each night we were given a Bible verse that would apply to the activities we would be completing the following day. We also had to memorize our club verse because we will be saying it at every club meeting this year. Christliche Damen’s club verse is Proverbs 31 starting at verse 10 and going through the end of the chapter. I was so surprised how simple it was to memorize this verse and it definitely helped to learn it with as a group with my new sisters. The best part of these verses was that throughout each day I was able to reference the verses and would remember to act in a way that a woman of God should.

Next, I want to share that I had an awesome set of “BIG”s. My big brother brought me snacks and was so encouraging throughout the week. He came over and prayed over me before the last day and spent time just hanging out with me. Austin and I were lucky to get the same big brother and he is one of our best friends so it was such a blessing to have his guidance this week. My big sister was a member that I met during club rush and hadn’t had a lot of time to get to know her. We had so much fun this week! She was so sweet and had the kindest words of encouragement throughout the week. She had gone through a version of this week before so she totally understood what we were going through and helped me keep calm as the week progressed.

The last things I want to share are some photos of my week. I mean who doesn’t love pictures?!


This is Austin and I with our big brother Travis.


Me and my Club Week Captain Susie.


Me and my Big Sis Chrissta.


Me and my Bestie Emily.


The new members cheering for our brother club!


My favorite people at LCU!

I had such a long, tiring, fun, rewarding, exciting week and I am so grateful that it’s over. I have so many memories to cherish forever and I can’t wait for all the new memories we will make as a group over the next few years!


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