You Know You’re a Scrapbooker When…

When you’re at the grocery store and you look down and notice that letter stickers are on your shirt.

When you have glitter on the floor of your house for months because you accidentally spilt it during an important layout.

When you can look at a scrapbooking layout online and immediately reference the names of the paper and stickers that were used on the project.

When you match your outfits to the paper that will be used to display the event.

When people come up to you and hand you memorabilia from events you attended for your scrapbook.

When you save the cute gift tags from Christmas to use as embellishments.

When you measure your savings in terms of scrapbooking supplies.

When you use scrapbooking as one of your important qualities on an application.

When your boyfriend happily saves memorabilia from a trip so that you can use it on his pages.

When you have a Pinterest board dedicated to crafting AND actually use the ideas from it.

When you more to college and you spend more time packing your scrapbooking stuff than your entire bedroom.

When you spend entire weekends dedicated to scrapbooking conventions.

When your roommate is doing a project for school and you tell her the best way to do it because you’re a master of glue dots!

When you think of the best way to spend time by yourself and you think of scrapbooking 🙂


Feel free to comment and add to the list, this usually leads to some good laughs!


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Scrapbooker When…

  1. Laura Mooney says:

    When you are in the ER with your kid and he tells you to take photos of him for the scrapbook page and hands you the heart rate monitor sensors to use and you do!

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