Scrapbook Journal Approaches

Here are some fun and creative way to add journaling to your scrapbook layouts. As always, I would love to see your ideas as well. Feel free to comment with a link to your Blog or Layout gallery! Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

1. Use your favorite quotes or scriptures to capture your emotions.


2. Use your journaling as one of the main focal points of your layout by placing matching embellishments around it.


3. Use borders as extra spots for journaling.

IMG_4872_2.jpg-500x4004. Use patterned paper with words on it as your background paper and keep journaling to a minimum by including titles only.


5. Use definitions of words to explain the meaning of the layout.IMG_2784

6. Make lists


7. Use your own words as the background and write on lined paper to keep it neat. This really worked out for the following layouts because one was for a school event and the other looked like a letter!  IMG_2206.JPG-500x400



8. Scrapbook a calendar to display a series of events at once.



9. Split your journaling up to describe multiple events, topics, etc.DSC07189.JPG-210x150

10. Journal on your embellishments


11. Allow memorabilia such as tickets or invitations to do the journaling for you.




12. Journal on tags that can be hidden in pockets on the layout. This is great for special events that you want to scrapbook and not necessarily share.




13. Journal on post it notesIMG_2204.JPG-500x400

14. Journal right on the picture using photo markers or by editing the photo before you print it.







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