Master Follies 2013

If you want to view the videos from Master Follies click here.

Starting the second week of this semester, each social club here at LCU began to prepare 6 minute shows for homecoming weekend. We learned songs and dances that were pieced together to tell a story. Out awesome directors did a great job creating this show!

Our parents came to cheer us on at the Saturday night show. This is the last performance and at the very end the winners are announced. Austin’s club, Koinonia, received first place for the guys and Christliche Damen received second place for the girls.


I was so excited to see my friend Kandice!

While we were waiting for our turn to perform, we took a ton of pictures, danced, and did lots of hair and makeup.


I was so excited to be a part of our speed drill. We changed our skirts backstage and had to hurry back out to dance!575559_607664472582038_2064674471_n

My dinosaur and I!



All the youth and family ministry majors.857195_10200693451761926_1483576269_o

Waiting for the results!


We all cheered our boys on when they won! Great job guys!


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