Not a Church but a Family

Before we moved away from home to go to college, Austin and I talked about what we wanted to do about church in Texas. Moving to the Bible belt, we figured it would be easy to make a selection from the many choices available to us. As it turns out, it wasn’t that easy. We tried out about five churches before we decided to stick with one. Each had something we liked and something we didn’t like, except for one that we didn’t like at all. Often times we didn’t usually agree on these differences because different parts of the service were important to us.

About a month ago we drove out of Lubbock to a small town about thirty minutes away. One of Austin’s professors preaches at a church in this town and we both wanted to go check it out. We immediately fell in love with the congregation and it instantly felt like home. Everyone was so welcoming and kind to us and we felt like they genuinely cared and were glad that we chose to worship with them. It was an experience we had not yet had. We continued to make the drive to attend on Sunday mornings and got to know some of the members. This service driven community of believers has made it very easy for us to participate in service and get involved. We are excited to take advantage of the ministries that they have and jump in and help out.

This past Sunday we were blessed with an invitation to share a home cooked meal after church. This family welcomed us into their home and we got to spend part of our afternoon with them. The meal was delicious! I think its funny that these people keep inviting to come back for food, like it’s a bribe to get us to continue showing up or something, because we have been hooked since day one.

The very first Sunday we were there, this sweet lady stood up to do announcements and she said, “We are so glad to have these visitors here with us. The first time you’re visitors, if you come back a second time you’re family.” Thats when I realized I didn’t want to find a church, we wanted to find a family of Christian believers who would support our spiritual growth and fellowship with us rather than clump us into a group of college students. I feel so blessed to have found just that.



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