Yesterday was my first official day in a blizzard and my very first snow day ever!!! After going to bed at 2a.m. I was beyond thrilled to see a text message from LCU security informing me that classes today had been cancelled. This meant that my 11 hour Monday schedule moved to a day of napping and catching up on homework. I was so excited that my test was postponed a day and that I didn’t have to spend three hours dissecting a heart in anatomy. It was a fabulous day! My friend Hailey’s parents graciously invited us over to enjoy a home-cooked meal and spend sometime outside of these dorms. Her mom made chicken and dumplings and corn bread, yum!

After dinner Austin and Hailey thought ice-cream made from the snow sounded like a good idea. Despite my doubt, they actually accomplished this task!

photoRecipe Time:
– A gallon of snow (Disclaimer: pick fresh untouched snow!)
– A tablespoon of vanilla
– 2 cups of milk
– 1 cup of Sugar

Mix it all together and enjoy! It was really good and we all sat around and ate it despite the 20 degree weather outside. I guess us Arizona kids eat ice-cream year round any way, why change it up now?





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