DIY Baby Book

Over the past couple years I have moved from just scrapbooking for myself to scrapbooking for other people. I’ve been paid to make multiple books and have made many others as gifts. One of my favorites to make is baby books!

One of my close friends just had a baby and I was so excited that she let me make her daughter’s book. I can’t wait for all their memories and pictures to swarm the pages! If you want to see the book, click here.

Today I just want to share a list of pages, compiled by my scrapbook friends and I, that we make for baby books. Of course adjustments are made depending on the situation, the amount of pictures they will have, special requests, etc. Feel free to use this list or save it to Pinterest for later reference!

  • Title/Cover Page with baby’s name and spot for birth photo
  • Double LO for birth certificate/announcement/footprints/etc.
  • 2 Double LOs for the shower
  • Double for Ultrasounds
  • 2 Double LOs for the hospital
  • Double LO for bath time
  • Double LO for “cute as a button” page with buttons of course!
  • A Double LO for each month in the baby’s first year (1-12)
  • Mommy and Me/Daddy and Me
  • Double for first birthday (if extra pages are needed



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