Lego Dates

It all started last May at graduation time. Austin, Nick, and I were celebrating at Austin’s graduation party. Our youth minister and his family joined us and their kids gave each of us a gift that they had picked out. It was… LEGOS!!! We were all so excited and started putting them together right away. Some of us were a little better at it than others…

Image 23

But in the end all 3 kits were completed.

Image 25

It was only about a week before Austin started talking about going to get more legos. We went into the lego store set up our VIP account and bought another kit.


photo copy

We soon discovered that used lego kits sell on ebay for close to their selling price. I assume its because not every mall has one of these awesome stores. Anyway, we started selling our complete kits online. The downside is that there isn’t a guarantee that it will sell for a specific price, or at all for that matter. Also, you have to take all the legos apart after putting them together.

It sure is fun though!

photo photo

We have even gotten legos for friends as gifts. You’re never too old to play legos!


A couple weeks ago, Austin and I received mail from friends back home with a lego surprise!


We have so much fun doing legos on date night. You should definitely give it a try!


Please note that some of the above pictures were from google and I do not accept credit for them as my own.


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