MaryKay Independent Beauty Consultant


I recently started selling Mary Kay as an independent beauty consultant. My friend Emily invited me to join her and a friend for facials one afternoon and I learned more about the company. I was so intrigued by the opportunity to sell products that I already love and get a discount for myself by being a consultant. About a week later I was invited to a meeting with Lauren, the girl who did our facials that day. I met her director and she really helped me be confident in this decision. I ordered my starter kit and began learning more about the opportunities that were available to me.

Friday morning my starter kit arrived. I hurried back to my room and opened it.


In case you were wondering, the starter kits for Mary Kay are normally $100. There was a deal though in the month of April so I got mine for only $75 dollars! Thats a huge stinkin’ deal!

I popped the DVD into my laptop and started looking at all the neat products. The DVD was so helpful in understanding the way that the parties and classes work. It helps you realize how easy and fun it can be with a small group of girls just wanting an hour of relaxation and fun!

Like I mentioned, the Mary Kay starter kit is a great deal! Here are the products that I received:


12 liquid foundations in a variety of ivory and beige shades


4 Mirrors with 30 plastic insert trays for skin care classes



A planner customized for this business to help new consultants track meetings, parties, etc.

They also gave me a TON of brochures to help show customers the products available to them.






A huge bag of goodies to share!




Their Ultimate Mascara, a best seller! And a package of trial brushes to ensure that no germs are shared.


Oil-free make-up remover


The timewise skin care set in both combination/oily, and dry.


And lots of other fun stuff to share at parties and individual facials. They have a nice insert for all the products to stay organized in this Mary Kay bag.


I was able to give my first facial later that day before we got ready for banquet. My first project is 30 faces in 30 days. Basically it is to help me practice and get more confident in myself as a consultant. I am very exited. Please let me know if you have any questions about the products or the business opportunities!

Be sure to join me tomorrow for pictures from CD & IK Banquet!!




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